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We continue our undergraduate and graduate education activities with nearly 40 young and dynamic faculty members working in our faculty. Although still a young law school faculty, our students, other institutions exam with judges and prosecutors have been extremely successful test took place at the forefront of our faculty and among other law faculties in Turkey.
Law is one of the institutions that regulate the life of society and ensure that people live freely in a peaceful and safe environment. The primary aim of Erciyes University Faculty of Law is to educate lawyers who always believe in the rule of law, respect human rights, and adopt the principle of “Justice is the foundation of property dü. In addition to providing a good legal education to our students, our main goal is to train them as lawyers who think critically, have high reasoning skills and have analytical thinking skills.
In order to be a good lawyer, a good theoretical knowledge is required as well as practical knowledge. Therefore, in addition to theoretical knowledge, practical education is also given importance in our faculty. At the end of the third year, students are offered internship opportunities at the courthouse and the bar. In addition, virtual hearings are held at the Faculty and our students are encouraged to participate in national virtual hearing competitions and financial and moral support is provided to them.
Our students can benefit from the central library of our University, as well as our Faculty library, which consists of eight thousand books and one or more journals, for research and examination in both courses and other subjects.
Located in the middle of Turkey, historical, natural and cultural features of the major attractions one of our students who prefer our School in Kayseri, which will see from that, there is a good opportunity and conditions necessary to qualify for lawyers in our Faculty. Thanks to the warm and friendly atmosphere of our faculty, our students, especially those coming from outside the city, will not be attracted to foreigners and will adapt quickly.
I would like to congratulate the students who have passed the university exam and wish their continued success.
Professor Dr. Example: Murat Dogan
Acting Dean
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